Looking specifically for Manila Pen Show 2023 exclusives? Now this is your ultimate guide for that kind of budol!

Manila Pen Show 2023 merchandise

Available at the registration, you can buy any of these items

  • Shirts: Php500 (round neck) – Php670 (with collar). Comes with 2 raffle entries.
  • MPS 2023 notebook: Php250 – Comes with 1 raffle entry
  • MPS 2023 tote bag with pockets for a pen and apassport-sized notebook:  Php 250 – Comes with 1 raffle entry

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Kasama, the first Filipino fountain pen brand, is releasing the Takipsilim (Sundown) series exclusively during the weekend. Price is unknown as of posting.

Here are the details from their IG post:

Inspired by the breathtaking views over Manila Bay, this series features ceramic-polymer coated Ultem in a custom blend of colors. The layers are hardened through a curing process that only a handful of resins can endure

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Pengrafik has two exclusive pens for Manila Pen Show 2023.

The first one is an ube-themed made by UK-based The Good Blue. Details are as follows c/o Kailash of Pengrafik:

The barrel and cap are machined from high grade 6082 aluminum with Ceratoke coating.The grip section is machined from CZ121 brass. It is precision textured with a surface roughness for ergonomic grip. Uses Jowo Standard #6 Nib Unit (F, M, B, Fine Flex w/ Plastic feed, Fine Flex w/ Polymer feed) with a converter.

1. P8,900 for nibs: F, M, B, Fine Flex  w/ Plastic feed
2. P9,800 for nib: Fine Flex w/ Polymer feed
3. P12,900 for the NEW Alchemy Flex nib w/ Polymer feed


Length: 130mm
Length uncapped: 127mm (inc. nib)
Diameter: 12mm
Section diameter: 12mm
Weight: 31gms (with nib unit and cc)

1. F,M, B are regular non-flex nibs.
2. Fine Flex with a plastic feed … is the basic flex version they have.
3. Fine Flex w/ Polymer feed is better than above since it has a better feed with improved flow.
4. NEW Alchemy Flex nib … the best of three flex nibs… it’s super super soft. A totally different beast than the standard flex.

The second one is by Leonardo Officina Italiana, with only 20 made just for the event. Here are the details for the pen which is worth Php14,295 each:

Momento Zero (regular size, not grande) Primary Manipulation 1 by Jonathan Brooks,
Featuressteel Fenice nibs: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub, Elastic Fine, Elastic Extra Fine, Fude, Architect, CSI-Med, CSI-Broad
Comes with converter and with 3 rings band (not the wide single band in the pic here)


Newcomer On Inks is offering new flavors with this two exclusive inks, Kare-kare and Bagoong. Here are the details from the inkmaker, together with information about their two non-exclusive colors:

Inspired by the quintessential Filipino dish, Kare-kare captures the vibrant tones of yellow and orange that remind us of the rich peanut sauce that Kare-kare is known for.

Meanwhile, Bagoong Alamang starts off as a brownish color and dries into a stunning magenta-ish red, reminiscent of the savory shrimp paste that pairs perfectly with Kare-kare.

The two inks can be bought separately, but like the iconic Filipino dish, they are best served together.

In addition to these, we are adding two non-exclusive inks, both of which are also inspired by Filipino flavors.

Laing is a multishading green ink that shows some brown undertones, capturing the rich and spicy taste of the Bicolano dish.

Meanwhile, Turon is a golden brown ink, reminiscent of the sweet and crunchy banana-filled snack that we love.

20ml bottles go for Php220 while 50ml bottles cost Php500

Peter Bangayan has another Philippine-exclusive color in Diamine Suman! A bottle goes for Php750. Here’s how it looks, photo courtesy of Lorraine from @calligraphyspot

Troublemaker Inks have another trick up their sleeve, with only this teaser as a clue for what they are bringing this weekend.

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Pengrafik is also releasing a special edition notebook made by Endless, featuring the event logo on its Observer Journal. No price yet as of posting, but here are some details from Kailash:

187 numbered pages of 80 GSM Regalia paper
Dimensions- 8.2” x 5.8”
Dotted Page Layout
Colours – Beach Sand



Scribe has a special pen cloth coming with single purchases worth Php5000 and above.

Gav n Sav also has several event-branded pen cases available.