The Manila Pen Show is channeling Sun, Sky, and Shore for 2024, and this year’s exclusive products are following that theme.

So here’s your one-stop list for items that you can only get this coming weekend at the Holiday Inn! Bookmark this page as we put more details about pens, inks, paper, and accessories from the event.

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Kasama Una Pulo (Island)

Price: To be determined

Product description/specifications:
  • Kasama Una with PEEK cap and ultem body with cerakoted finish.

Gioia Metis Iride

Price: Php8385.00

Product description/specifications:
  • Piston filler resin pen with different hues of blue and orange on the body.
  • Each pen has a unique pattern but features the same colorways
  • Steel nib size: EF, F, M, B, 1.1 and 1.5

Available at Pengrafik.


Scribe is carrying two exclusive show pens from Delta: Red Galaxy and Blue Galaxy.

Price: To be determined

Franklin-Christoph x Everything Calligraphy Night Sea Glow

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Price: Php11000 (Php 9900 with free ink bottle at the Manila Pen Show)

Product description/specifications:
  • “This glow-in-the-dark fountain pen is coated in a dreamy blue-grey with mixed metallic shimmer, evoking images of moonlight on ocean waves.”

Promise of Spring x Cat Custom Crafts

The two pen newcomers have a handful of collaborations for the Manila Pen Show 2024. They are:

Nautical Gold (Php 4000)

Manila Pen Show 2024 exclusive: Nautical Gold by Promise of Spring and Cat Custom Crafts

Manila Pen Show 2024 exclusive: Nautical Gold by Promise of Spring and Cat Custom Crafts

Floral Waters (Php4000)

Deep Sea Treasures (Php5500)

Meteor Shower (Php5500)

Beach Blooms (Php5500)

Meteor Shower (Php5500)

Beach Blooms (Php5500)

Blooming Raden (Php6500)

Midnight Sky (Php4000)

Asteroid Belt (Php7000)


Penlux x Muze Pens Delgado Piston Filler Fountain Pen - Galaxy

Price: Available upon request from Muze Pens

Product description/specifications:
  • Pearlescent dark blue resin body with rose gold accents
  • Features Penlux’s proprietary piston filling system
  • Comes in 4 gold nib sizes: 14kt Flex / 18kt (F / M / B)
  • Only 22 pieces available

Tailored Pen Company Kape at Pandesal (Coffee and Filipino Bread)

Price: To be determined

Product description/specifications:
  • Bright brown body with specks of dark brown and streaks of white.
  • Nib is engraved with a small illustration of coffee and Filipino bread.

Available at EndlessPens


Diamine Sun, Sky, and Shore

Price: Php1300 (set of three)

Product description/specifications:
  • 6 am sky, a cool deep blue with a hint of red sheen and shimmer.
  • 11 am shore, a tropical teal with a matching sun-kissed scent.
  • 5 pm sun, a luscious orange with just a hint of pink.

On Inks

The local fountain pen ink maker has four new inks coming at the show.

Price: Php550 (50mL) / Php300 (20mL)

Product description/specifications:
Manila Pen Show 2024 exclusives:
  • Tropical Sand embodies the color of our tropical beaches, with its light yellow-brown hue.
  • Dwelling on these sandy shores are Umang, a grey ink that shades into brown, mirroring the colors of the hermit crab.

Launching at the Manila Pen Show 2024:

  • Inspired by the serene beauty of coastal waters, Shoreline Splash reflects the refreshing tones of clear blue waves gently lapping against the sandy shore.
  • Summer Sunset is a red-orange ink that captures the warmth and vibrancy of a sunset by the beach.

Straits Pens

Sunny Koh is bringing over three food-inspired Manila Pen Show exclusive inks: last year’s Sisig and newcomers Pork Tocino and Ube Ice Cream.

 Sisig is making a comeback as promised last year and 2 new colors joining the lineup for the food and beach theme. Get it at the Straits Pen Table N3 (The corner of the whole show floor) Prices are 700PHP for a 30ml PET Bottle. (The 50ml Vase bottle is also available)

Price: Php1350 (50mL)/Php700 (30mL)

Pierre Cardin

Newcomer Muze Pens will have some bottles if Intramuros-inspired shimmer ink, together with Starry Night Ebony.

Pierre Cardin Colors of Explorersy Shimmering Ink - Intramuros Puspin Blue and Starry Night Ebony.

Price: To be determined

  • “Intramuros Puspin Blue” draws its inspiration from the Intramuros, the walled city established by the Spanish in the 16th century which served as a hub for colonial administration and trade.  The Manila Cathedral, located in Intramuros and originally built in 1581, is a witness of the enduring faith and rich history of the Philippines.

Robert Oster

Price: To be determined

  • Gulaman is a brown ink based on the Filipino sweet drink
  • Sago at Gulaman is the same ink as above, but with added shimmer.


Made By Endless Storyboard Grid Pocket Notebooks

Photo from Pengrafik

Price: Php750 per pack of two

Product description/specifications:
  • 48 pages of 80 GSM Regalia, Made By Endless’ proprietary fountain pen-friendly paper.
  • Size is 3.5″ x 5.9″
  • Secured at the centre with thread-bound stitching.

Available at Pengrafik.


Gav n Sav Buslo para sa Pluma

Manila Pen Show 2024 exclusive: Buslo para sa Pluma by Gav n Sav

Price: Php1500

Product description/specifications:
  • Two-pen pouch comes in two versions: bag hang type and lanyard ID type.
  • Only 5-8 pieces per color combination available.

Available at Gav n Sav

Event merchandise

The Manila Pen Show itself has exclusive products for 2024.

Jelly bag


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Manila Pen Show shirt


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“Yes, that’s a nib, not a rotated alligator.”

Black to hide ink stains. Comes with 1 raffle entry.

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