Germany-based pen company Lamy is now under Japanese ownership after being acquired by Uni maker Mitsubishi Pencil Co. on Wednesday in a bid to “expand international sales” of the brand. Deal specifics were not publicized.

Acquiring Lamy adds fountain pens to Mitsubishi Pencil Co.’s portfolio of ballpoint pens, markers, and pencils.

In a press release, Lamy’s parent company C. Josef Lamy GmbH disclosed that with “all shares in the company now sold,” Mitsubishi will take over the long-time family-owned business. The brand will remain “Made in Germany,” however, with its headquarters and production facilities staying in Heidelberg.

Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Owns the Uni brand, which produces ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens and markers, and pencils. It doesn’t have offer fountain pens, which Lamy is known to make for decades.

“We are certain that the Mitsubishi Pencil Company will strengthen the company and the LAMY brand with its focus on innovation, its large distribution network and its strong e-commerce expertise as exemplified by the success of the business with Amazon in the US market,” said Steffen Rübke, CEO of C. Josef Lamy GmbH.