Established in January 2018, pennoob is a Philippine-based independent online magazine that publishes fountain pen-related news and features focusing on the local scene. It was founded by two journalism-trained media professionals from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Through our stories, we strive to be a credible information source for Filipino penthusiasts by highlighting the creativity of local artisans. We look for products made by Filipinos, and put the spotlight on events that can help enrich the local experience of hobbyists. All stories published undergo the journalistic process.

We guarantee accuracy in all our output. We are accountable for what we write.

Despite how the website looks, this is not a blog. The generic “site” is preferred to accurately reflect the type of content we focus on. As you will notice, there is a dearth here of navel-gazing first-person narratives usually present on the usual blogs for pennoob to be considered as one.  But it is understandable if you’ve called us a blog before. As long as you trust us with your stories, that is fine.

Editorial policy

pennoob does not sell fountain pens or related products. We are not digital marketing extensions of local and global sellers. Any referral links placed within stories, or exchange deals entered will be disclosed. Google Ads are in place to help cover annual website maintenance (and no, it won’t be enough to buy our next grail pen).

This website follows the following guidelines for our stories that involve product reviews:

  • Except for product reviews, we do not editorialize on our stories. We do not mix personal views in our reportage.
  • Products being reviewed are either bought with our own money or borrowed for review purposes. We will not ask to keep a pen, as doing so will cast doubt on the integrity of the review. We will also insist on returning a pen we reviewed.
  • If, for any reason, it is impossible for us to return a product we reviewed, the circumstances will be disclosed. If we would like to keep a pen for ourselves, we will offer to buy it from the seller. Usually, we only get ink and paper samples, not entire bottles or sheet packs. These types of products are impossible to return. These are disclosed at corresponding pages as well.
  • Products we review under ambassadorship programs or exchange deals will be disclosed. Similarly, affiliate links that we may potentially earn from will be identified. One example of such an arrangement/post is our Fonte Fountain Pen Review.
  • Providing us a product for review does mean that we will give a positive review. We maintain objectivity on our posts.
  • In rare instances, we might receive gifts from individuals we feature or organizations we work with as a token of thanks. In such instances, we refer to this guide on Gifts, Free Travel and Other Perks. In general, if a token is too expensive (or if we can’t buy it with our own personal salary), we will reject it.
  • Similarly, if we receive a token/goodie bag as part of a digital campaign, this will be disclosed on our social media post. One example is this post.
  • We accept story leads, with focus on Filipino subjects. Anything that can be connected to the hobby is welcome. Contact us through our social media accounts for now.

(Updated as of April 3, 2023)