The fountain pen & ink roundup makes a comeback this week with lots of news to talk about, from K-Pop giant BTS getting fountain pens from the president, to an upcoming journaling summit that you might want to check out.

BTS gets diplomatic passports, fountain pens as special envoys to UN

K-Pop group BTS is set to join South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, after being named as “special presidential envoy for future generations and culture” in a ceremony last week.

For this appointment, each member received a diplomatic passport and fountain pen from the president.

While the brand was not officially named, fans were able to trace the fountain pen manufacturer to artisan shop Zenyle.

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Everything Calligraphy carries South Korean ink Dominant Industry

Speaking of South Korea, three of its ink lines are now available from Philippine online shop Everything Calligraphy.

Photo: Everything Calligraphy

Fountain pen users can choose between the Standard Series (Php 549) and the Pearl / Glitter Series (Php699). Dip pen users have their own set of options starting at Php 899.

New TWSBI AL R color arrives in Scribe

Navy Blue is now here for the TWSBI 580 Diamond AL R.

Photo from Scribe

Compared to the earlier AL or aluminum models, the AL R features a matt finish for its metal grip section. It still has the brand’s usual piston filling system an the pen can be easily disassembled when necessary.

The TWSBI 580 Diamond AL R is available, is available for Php3,995.00.

Filipino planner line sets up 2nd year of journaling summit

Belle de Jour is holding the second edition of #YouGotThisPH, a free planning and journaling online summit.

The virtual event will feature different speakers and provide reference worksheets to help journal newbies with putting their thoughts onto paper.

AOC reveals fountain pen love on IG Stories

New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed that she sports a Kaweco Sport (see what we did there?) in a recent Instagram Story post.

Answering a question on study tips, the American congressman shared that writing by hand does wonders for the memory, as she shows her blue German pocket pen.

AOC added that she started using a fountain pen as a “zero-waste swap” and she has been “obsessed” since then. She prefers using an extra-fine nib, while also carrying a US House of Representatives bullet space pen and the “OG” Pilot Precise V5.

“I use extra fine pens because I’m left-handed and heavier inks smear a lot,” said AOC. “I also take a lot of notes on the fly and the smaller nibs help me write more in the smaller notebooks I carry.

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