Japanese retailer Muji‘s stationery lineup got more interesting in the past few months with the addition of their company-branded fountain pen. ¬†At Php295, the Muji Platinum fountain pen is the better-looking sibling of the cheaper-by-a-hundred-pesos Platinum Preppy. But is it any better?

The short answer is yes.

Disclaimer: The Muji Platinum fountain pen was purchased by the writer. This post does NOT have affiliate links. Read our policy on reviews here.

Muji Platinum with Platinum Preppy. Muji also sells boxes of cartridges (Php155 for 4), in black and blue-black.

Noob-friendliness rubrik

But before diving into the review, here’s the new rubrik which we will add moving forward when discussing entry-level pens.

  • Aesthetics – How the pen looks
  • Durability – If you can clip it in your bag or put it together with other pens pen case without any worry of breaking
  • Ergonomics – How it feels on the hand (is the balance off?
  • Ease of use – If a user used to ballpoint/felt tips can easily transition. Also includes reliability (e.g. does it start well every time?)
  • Price – In this case, the cheaper the better.
  • Availability – Where to purchase the pen

Please note that this assessment focuses on the newbie point of view. For example, grail-level pens that need extra care won’t score high on some aspects based on this rubrik. But that’s because they are next-level pens. We will also stick to the usual what’s good and what’s not for most next-level pens.

Muji Platinum fountain pen in focus

L-R: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Meigetsu, Kasama Tala Takipsilim, Muji Platinum, Pilot Vanishing Point, and Pilot Myu next to Hobonichi A6.

  • Aesthetics – The pen only comes in white, with a Muji barcode sticker on the body which can be easily removed. Its section/grip is transparent, which is the same for other Platinum siblings Preppy and Procyon. Does not come with a box.
  • Durability – Polycarbonate is a well-rated plastic so there’s no worry about this one. Unless you keep clipping it on thick covers,.
  • Ergonomics – There’s no significant step-down from the body to the section. Pen is light, with center of balance closer to the section too.
  • Ease of use – It has a snug snap cap and uses proprietary Platinum cartridges (pen already comes with one). Pen always starts well, and writes smoothly.. Nib is labelled 03, which means Fine for this pen line.
  • Price – Php 295 = US$5.20, at Php56.75 per US$ as of August 28, 2023.
  • Availability – Mixed availability at Muji stores, but one can easily order online and arrange for pickup at buyer’s branch of choice.

What’s good

The Muji Platinum fountain pen is a very good gateway pen to get newbies started on the hobby. It has the reliable performance of the Platinum Preppy without the need to remove any printed label in case one gets sick of it. The polycarbonate body also gives it a clean, professional look for the cost of two medium cups of iced coffee.

What’s iffy

Just like other Muji pens, it does not come with a box. That’s pretty much it.

Writing sample, and a teaser for the next story.

Noob verdict

If you’re starting with the hobby or looking for a reliable pen to get someone started in the nib world, The Muji Platinum fountain pen is the best option. It is reliable and presentable at a price point that won’t break the bank, you might end up getting more than one.

The Muji Platinum fountain pen is also the best choice when it comes to accessibility and the possibility of getting new people on board with little to no frustration.

Muji did release an earlier fountain pen: an aluminum one at a price that is almost Php1000. But that one didn’t last long on shelves. We also have that, but we’ll leave it for next time.