Fountain pens attract users of all ages across the country. Unfortunately, most sources are in Metro Manila, while National Bookstore having inconsistent stocks even in the metro alone.

Sometimes, visiting a physical shop is not a choice.

Online shopping is the most accessible option for most in this age. So for fountain pen beginners and lovers anywhere in the Philippines, here are reliable sites where you can buy fountain pens online without any worry. Don’t worry, these shops are managed buy people who really know a lot about the hobby. 

Updated July 2023

Everything Calligraphy

EC is the newbie-friendly online choice, offering different pens for a wide range of price points. Before they opened their physical shop in San Juan, they started as an online shop. While you’re at it, get yourself some Elias paper and Tomoe River paper as well, together with some inks and accessories. They also have frequent promos too!

Scribe (yes!)

Yes! If you can’t go to one of their branches, you can easily order from their website. Pre-orders for some sought-after items are also done here.


If you’ve been in the hobby for a while and you’re already looking for uncommon pens at relatively mid-range prices (relative, since price range is always debatable), then check out Pengrafik. It offers Wahl-Eversharp, Karas Kustoms, Airmail/Wality, and Ranga pens. You can also consult them for any requests (they sometimes have Desiderata pens in stock. Oh that beautiful marriage of fountain pen and dip nibs).

Endless Pens

This a US-based online store with partners in the Philippines, so it is definitely worry-free to buy from. They occasionally have promos and giveways, so it is best to follow them on Instagram.


If you’re ready to take the next step and enter grail-level Japanese pen territory, you can count on them. Japen is a request service focusing on hard-to-find Japanese pens and stationery.

Are they really okay?

How are they reliable, you ask? For Everything Calligraphy and Pengrafik, their owners are enthusiasts themselves and can be seen during fountain pen events. Same for Scribe, which has been around for a very long time. Endless Pens has great deals, while Japen has been always reliable.

If you can’t find the pen you’re looking for from these sources, there is always the second hand market. But that is a topic for another day.

Do you prefer buying pens in person? Check out this list for directions.