Make sure to set some hourS (yes, with emphasis on ‘s’) aside this coming weekend as the Manila Pen Show 2023 offers in-person budol and learning experiences for fountain pen noobs and not-so-noobs.

Who are selling what?

From starter options for penabling to top-tier works of art that just happen to have nibs. Plan your Manila Pen Show 2023 purchases from these sellers


These are stalls that sell a variety of products, with more than two brands available.

Aesthetic Bay

Singapore-based shop Aesthetic Bay is expected to bring in grail-level pens. So if you’re been eyeing a brand new Nakaya, among other upper-tier Japanese and western brands, this should be your first stop.

Everything Calligraphy

Local online shop Everything Calligraphy is bringing its wares offline with a wide selection of pens, inks, and papers.

Here are their promos for the event:

Guia’s Vintage Pens

The best fountain pens can stand the test of time. Check our Guia’s Vintage Pens if you’re looking for pens that are older than you and can probably outlive you. Heirloom-worthy indeed!


Malaysia-based Pengallery expands your nib, ink, and paper options. They have their own notebook line, Livenotes, using penfolk favorite Tomoe River Paper.


If you’re looking for uncommon pens and accesories, Pengrafik is a must visit! They will also have exclusive offers on for this event alone.


A long-time local favorite, Scribe has witnessed the early years of FPN-P. Drop by and don’t forget to ask what “napadaan lang sa Scribe” means.

Stationer Extraordinaire


Online seller Stationer Extraordinaire started selling Kawecos a few years ago, but they have since expanded to offering other products and accessories

LIST: Filipino brands for fountain pen folks in the Philippines


These are sellers that focus mainly on producing or selling one type of product or multiple products under one brand.

Pen brands


This is the first Filipino fountain pen available on the market. These premium pens formally debuted at the first Manila Fountain Pen Show back in 2018.

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The German line is one of the big brands to have a solid presence in the Philippines.


Inks by Vinta

From the same people behind Everything Calligraphy, Vinta offers colorful options that take inspiration from Filipino icons.

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On Inks

On Inks is a newcomer to the local fountain pen ink scene. They recently provided exclusive inks at the recent Pelikan Hubs in Mandaluyong.

Peter Bangayan

Peter Bangayan is the person behind the Philippine-exclusive Diamine inks. Drop by to check out the new color made specifically for Manila Pen Show 2023.

Troublemaker Inks

These Cebu-based duo kicked off interest on locally-made fountain pen inks when they appeared at the first Manila Fountain Pen Show back in 2018. Troublemaker Inks are often sold out quickly whenever they make a comeback, so put them on top of your list to visit.

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You’ll never run out of notebook options at the Manila Pen Show, since most shops will most likely carry paper that can handle fountain pen ink well. There will be Traveler’s Notebooks and MD Notebooks among your many options. But if you’re after a seller that focuses on journals, then drop by…


The Singapore-based shop showcases artisan handbound journals. Here’s a look at their philosophy:

  • Our handbound journals are made in Singapore by artisans with physical and intellectual disabilities, providing them the employment stability and opportunities they previously lacked.
  • In Peru, Southeast Asia, and other locations across the globe, we work with indigenous communities threatened by violence, climate change and political upheaval.

Aside from journals, they also have pen cases available.


Gav n Sav

If you want cloth-based wraps for your pens, drop by Gav n Sav and check out designs made exclusively for the Manila Pen Show 2023

Leather Library

Leather Library carries covers for notebooks of different sizes.


If you can’t buy them, make them, right? The owners of local brand Shibui were on the lookout for the perfect pen case. But since they can’t find one, they created it instead. Check out their stalls for leather covers to go with your pens, notebooks, passports, and check books.

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Toyooka Craft

The Japanese wood-working firm is making an appearance at the Manila Pen Show 2023 with their premium boxes for pens.


Need some nib work done? You can sign up with these experts at the venue. These nib specalists have their own room next to the community hangout.

John Lim
JP’s Pen Spa and Nib works
Sunny Koh of Straits Pens

What can we learn about?

Attendees can join different workshops about different fountain pen aspects. Scheduled over the weekend, newbies and seasoned collectors can choose from free and paid sessions to brush up on nib knowledge.

Register for your preferred workshops at the main entrance, and pay any applicable additional fee before session starts. Fees include respective workshop kits for participants.


Handwriting Hangout with Imma
Saturday, 18 March, at 10:30 AM
Fee: P300

Nibs from a Nib Worker’s Perspective
Saturday, 18 March, at 1:00 PM

Mad Scientist with Leigh Reyes
Saturday, 18 March, at 2:00 PM
Fee: P1000

Fountain Penmanship for Kids of All Ages with Lorraine
Saturday, 18 March, at 3 PM
Fee: P500

Basic Nib Care & Tuning with Sunny Koh
Saturday, 18 March, at 4:15 PM
Fee: P1000 (basic, 20 slots)| P2500 (deluxe, 4 slots)


Paperchase with Daryl Lim
Sunday, 19 March, at 10:00 AM

Fountain Pens for Kids 7-12 with Toni Santos
Sunday, 19 March, at 1:00 PM
Fee: P200
Workshop Kit includes: a kid’s fountain pen, fountain pen ink sample, worksheets, a certificate of attendance

Modern Calligraphy with Flex Pens with Imma Frias
Sunday, 19 March, at 2:15 PM
Fee: P300

Curating a Fountain Pen Collection Panel Discussion moderated by Leigh Reyes
Sunday, 19 March, at 3:45 PM


  • Jose “Butch” Dalisay (vintage collections)
  • Ronnie Geron (color-themed collections)
  • Jun Castro (modern high-end collections)
  • Amanda Gorospe (sub-P1k collections)
  • Raffy Aquino (eclectic collections)
  • Reggie Reginaldo (eclectic collections)

Organized by Fountain Pen Network-Philippines (FPN-P), the Manila Pen Show 2023 is a 2-day gathering of enthusiasts and sellers focusing on the hobby of fine writing. This will be held at the 5th floor of Holiday Inn and Suites Makati on March 18-19 at 8am to 6pm. Entrance fee is 300 for 1 day and 500 for both days.

This year’s theme is Filipino Flavor, and this post is your menu for pens, inks, paper, and workshops happening on those days.