After teasing it on an Instagram comment, Japanese stationery brand Hobonichi has confirmed that it will use Tomoe River paper produced by Sanzen for most of its 2024 lineup, while sticking to the old Tomoegawa-made version for its 2023 products.

Its smaller Weeks line will make the switch for 2025.

“In order to allow users to try out the feel of the new Tomoe River paper before the change happens, we’ll be including a test sheet with eligible Hobonichi Techo 2023 books,” said the brand in a statement.

Buyers of Hobonichi Original, Cousin, Planner, and Day-Free for 2023 will get samples of the new paper meant for 2024, and are encouraged to share  their feedback with the company.

“Tomoe River paper is the reason the Hobonichi Techo is able to stay so portable despite its high page count, and after over 20 years, this ideal techo paper will be enhanced with paper that’s lighter at the same thickness and even more resistant to ink bleed, with adjustments that make the writing surface even more crisp,” added Hobonichi.

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Last year, paper fans feared changes in quality after Tomoe River’s previous maker Tomoegawa said that it is stopping production of certain series. It then sold its brand rights to Sanzen for US$2.64 million.