Philippine fountain pen ink maker Vinta Inks is launching a new collection this October, this time taking its cue from “elusive” local animals.

Called “The Awareness Project,” the collections is “inspired by the elusive beauty of Philippine Wildlife and the courageous efforts geared towards its conservation,” said the brand in a statement.

“Not only do we want to bring the spotlight to these creatures but also to the diverse ecology that the country is blessed with,” Jillian Tan, owner of Vinta Inks, told Pen Noob.

Three environmental organizations stand to benefit from sales generated by the collection.

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Here are the new inks, with images and information courtesy of Vinta

Solitary Teal [Nahan 2004]

Inspiration: Pygmy Blue Whale

Color: Blue-teal with subtle sepia. Has silver shimmer.

Pygmy Blue Whale is a subspecies of the blue whale found in the Indian Ocean and the southern Pacific Ocean. The last sighting of this majestic animal in the Philippines was in Bohol, 2004.

This color is reminiscent of them sparkling glints of light on the ocean.

Liquid Sepia [Isabela 1999]

Inspiration: Philippine Freshwater Crocodile

Color: Sepia tone with subtle pink. Has gold shimmer.

Also known as the Mindoro Crocodile, this species is endemic to the Philippines with the largest known population being in Isabela, San Mariano.

This color pays tribute to the raw earthiness and beauty of the Philippine Crocodile, an ancient symbol of power, femininity and the divine

Elusive Blue [Tandikan 2000]

Inspiration: Palawan Peacock-Pheasant

Color: Blue and purple. With pink shimmer.

This spectacularly vivid forest-ground bird features prominently in the culture of the indigenous people of Palawan. The bird is also depicted in the official seal of the city of Puerto Princesa. Classified as ‘vulnerable’ in 2000.

Sailfin Green [Ibid 1829]

Inspiration: Philippine Sailfin Lizard

Color: Light green. Has brown sepia sheen and electric blue shimmer

Ibid, as it is called in the Philippines, is an oviparous lizard endemic to the Philippines, New Guinea and some parts of Eastern Indonesia. It was first discovered in 1829.

Apex Silver [Haribon 1994]

Inspiration: Great Philippine Eagle.

Color: Grey with green notes. Has purple sheen.

Also known as the Monkey-Eating Eagle, the Haribon (short for haring ibon or king bird) is the national bird of the Philippines, proclamation-no-615-s-1995 by then-president Fidel V. Ramos.

This color evokes the elegance of this apex predator.