The Kilk Camera Laterna Fountain Pen has a clear theme in mind for its design: cinema. Camera Laterna means bright room in Latin, a reference to dark cinemas being lit up by moving pictures captured on film. And the look of this fountain pen captures references to the classic medium pretty well

But is it noob friendly? Find out below.

What’s good

We go straight to the pen’s feature that sets it apart from the rest: the cap. On top of the lens-inspired body is a mini film reel that actually spins! Definitely a plus for folks who had a fidget spinner phase in the past. Or for those who need to hold something that moves to get their minds going.

Other film-inspired elements include the clip,

and the section of the pen.

Kilk Camera Laterna

The body slightly tapers at the other end, reminiscent of how the lens part that attaches to old cameras looks like. It also has a black resin body with 925k aged matte finish silver accents, which looks better up close. Photos can only show part of its beauty.

What’s iffy

Silver sparkly goodness, right?

If you’re a bit nitpicky, the nib can be an issue.  It is a steel Bock #6 nib, and the EF that came with this pen writes well. But there’s a small misalignment of the etched logo. This was the same case for the other Kilk pen that we borrowed.

The pen is slightly on the heavy side, but it is nicely balanced so writing for fairly long periods is bearable. But this might boil down to personal preferences. (This writer leans towards lighter pens).

Noob verdict

So is the The Kilk Camera Laterna friendly for noobs?

Not exactly.

The pen feels that it caters to a specific group of users who find an affinity with media work. These could be filmmakers, broadcasters documentarists, photographers, and the like. If you’re looking at this as a gift for a media professional regardless of their fountain pen familiarity, this is a great choice. Especially if that professional is yourself.

As a specially-designed homage to camera and cinema, the pen is more suited as a next-level buy, especially at its US$300 price point. While it does come in a steel nib, the pen’s quirky feature and look and feel do merit the price. It also means that you can swap it out with a different nib in the future. But those who are still new to the hobby may find other options to get first, especially those that come with gold nibs.

The Kilk Camera Laterna is available on Endless Pens. Check out our review on other stuff that Endless Pens allowed us to try like the FWP exclusive duo and washi tapes.

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