2018 started with a hype from the University of the Philippines Diliman’s Facebook page: a journal with 5 campus scenes on postcards, with UP in baybayin on the red and green foil adorning the black board cover.

Initially, the only way of getting it was through a raffle. They gave away around a dozen over two sessions.

On Wednesday, the UP Diliman Information Office announced that the journals were available for Php250 each. All slots were reserved in less than 24 hours. Luckily, we were one of the first.

The UPD journal is almost as big as the regular Starbucks planner, only much thinner. It is not a planner after all. The cover is a sturdy black board with an inner pocket at the front. However, there is a tendency for some of the cover’s colors to rub on the journal’s first page. It is negligible though.

The journal has 6 sections with 8 spreads each, divided by digitally-created artwork of Glendford Lumbao, 5 of which were reproduced in postcard form. Each spread has a custom layout at the left, with lined pages to the right.

First up is the weekly spread. The UP logo and baybayin alternate at the left corner of each spread.

The lined spread

The meeting spread has appropriate spaces to organize your thoughts on paper.

The dotted spread

The grid spread

After the blank spread section are two artworks which you can color in, right before the space for owner’s details at the back.

As for the writing performance, the UPD Journal can take a variety of pens with ease. For fountain pen users, there is minor feathering from stub nibs.

For Php250, this journal is worth the purchase: you don’t have to worry about your pens bleeding, and the variety of layouts makes it exciting to use. The 8 weekly spreads mean you’ll only get to use it for a couple of months though, if you’ll use it continuously. Otherwise, save it for the hell weeks or something else as it can’t replace your planner.

Currently, the only chance of getting this journal is if the UPD DIO manages to have another run. If you’re from UP, don’t miss this.

And that’s it for our first post! Thanks, and please come back for Handwriting Day next week!