The Starbucks 2024 Planner has already landed. But you probably barely used the 2023 edition. Good thing that the soon-to-be-old planner cover’s actually pretty nice, leaving you with just the paper to worry about if you want to stick with it.

We got you covered on that one.

Is it FP-friendly? Starbucks 2023 Planner review

Get refills

One good thing about the Starbucks 2023 Planner (and the new Starbucks 2024 Planner) is they have the 6-ring binder format, albeit in different sizes. So even if you can’t use new paper on the old cover, it is technically easy to find refills.

It is pretty easy to find 6-ring binder refills that is 95x171mm (also called “personal” size by some sellers) online. You won’t know the paper quality until it arrives, however. That won’t be an issue if you just use ballpoint pens. But if you’re reading this post, you definitely don’t use just any pen.

Refills by Veco

Despite being 3mm taller than the Starbucks 2023 planner pages, these actually fit nicely.

A decent option for fountain pen users would be these cream Classify Pastel refills made by Veco. It is not perfect: it ghosts and bleeds, but not as bad as the default Starbucks Planner paper for 2023 and 2024.

Paper test for fountain pens: front

Paper test for fountain pens: back

These Veco-made refills are also the only ones available only at UP Town Center’s National Bookstore after visiting more than a handful of stores in the city. Tip: be careful about the pricetag at that bookstore. Had a bad experience with inaccurate pricing at National Bookstore for this purchase.

Back to the Veco-made paper, you have two options: blank or grid. There are also tabbed plastic divider refills available from the same brand.

Plotter refills

If you want an option that is guaranteed to be fountain pen-friendly, the Plotter refills may work. Made in the Japan, the luxurious leather 6-ring notebook line offers a wide range of sizes and accessories to go with them.

Photo from Plotter Japan

Plotter’s bible size refills  (95x170mm) theoretically fit the Starbucks Planner 2023 paper, and dated diary options are also available for 2024. The only challenge is these are not available yet locally, and if it the ring holes are in the same space. (We already arranged for some refills to be purchased from Japan).

New to nibs? Get a fountain pen friendly planner

Reuse unused pages

One key feature of the Starbucks 2023 planner is that each month came with around 10 dotted pages that you can use. You can salvage nine of those (or keep the 10th one if you don’t mind having the last few days of any month at the back) which should give you 108 dotted pages plus 8 blank pages found at the end of the planner.

DIY if you’re patient

Worst case scenario, you can make your own refills. If you have some Elias Paper or Mica Paper sheet to spare, then it will just be a matter of punching in the holes on the right areas.

Why bother with refills

Starbucks 2023 Planner vs Starbucks 2024 Planner

The Starbucks 2024 Planner is much bigger than the 2023 edition. There’s also no dark option. So if you have the black one, you’d probably prefer to stick with in and change the paper. Since the original paper used is just mid in quality, if you’re the type of person who uses different types of pens, you’d want paper that can actually take your creativity well.