Inspired by the colorful Zamboangan boat that traditionally rode the waters of Mindanao, Vinta Inks is the newest collection of handmade fountain pen inks made in the Philippines. Its initial 10-color release is a callback to the vibrant Filipino heritage and an ode to local craftsmanship.

From Datu Sikatuna’s blood compact with Miguel Lopez de Legazpi at Bohol in 1565 Sandugo to the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf, each Vinta ink is inspired by a moment in Philippine history.

“We wanted that you’d sail through Philippine History through a language of colors,” Jillian Tan, owner of Vinta Inks, told at the line’s intimate launch on Saturday in Makati.

Jillian Tan shares the inspiration behind the names of Vinta Inks.

Completing the Philippine fountain pen line-up

Starting with fountain pen-friendly notebooks and leather pen cases in their Elias line of products, Vinta was born after a year of planning and testing to introduce handmade inks to a Philippine market filled with mostly foreign brands.

“We have the capacity to do it, and we wanted inks that people can use that actually show Philippine history,” said Jillian. “We want to show that we can actually do it and compete on a global market scale as well.”

Jillian stressed that mixing ink “is always a mixture of art and science”. Their inks should never corrode your precious pens, and the side of their box is a statement of guarantee.

Lorraine of @calligraphyspot and Pao Alfonso of The Serial Doodler share their thoughts about the new Vinta Inks during the launch.

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What makes Vinta stand out is its partnership with Teach for the Philippines. Php25 goes to the organization for each bottle sold.

“It is also not enough for us to make profit. We also want to contribute to the community,” shared Jillian, who is also a teacher. “What was challenging was finding an advocacy that we really wanted to support, and who would want us as well in exchange. Saktong nag-work out siya with Teach for the Philippines”

Made to choose one color from their current collection, Jillian picked Azure. “Actually I like Azure a lot. I understand that people like sheening inks but I like Azure because it is perfect for everyday writing while at the same time it has that character of that sheen but not too obvious.” Photo from

Sailing towards a bigger audience

Vinta’s market debut, however, shouldn’t affect the operations of Everything Calligraphy. Jillian, who owns both, clarified that the two are “completely separate endeavors.

“Vinta Inks is an ink brand aiming to make inks locally and sell globally. Everything Calligraphy is an online writing store that aims to provide Filipinos with the most varied and quality writing materials available, culled and handpicked from all over the world,” she said.

Jillian hopes to have more collections for the brand. They are currently planning two new colors, and will play with their current manufacturing processes. In addition, they are looking into offering different bottle sizes, and making their first pen show appearance.

After introducing itself to the Philippine fountain pen community, the global market is within Vinta’s horizon. It’s an exciting time to sail for Vinta, as it aims to anchor itself as a world class ink.

Vinta Inks are available on They come in 30ml and 45ml bottles with prices starting at Php449.