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Hobonichi sticks to Tomoe River paper for 2022

Japanese planner maker Hobonichi will continue using Tomoe River paper for its 2022 lineup expected to be released in a few weeks time.

“The 2022 edition Hobonichi Techos (and those from previous years) uses paper before the machinery had changed, so there will be no difference in its writing experience,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

This confirms an earlier statement from Hobonichi Store representative Yuka Katsurayama that they still have enough supply for another techo run.

For 2023 and beyond, however, they will provide updates as they come.

Hobonichi has been using the “thin yet durable” Tomoe River paper since its first version was launched in 2002.

There have been fears of big stationery names changing their paper after Tomoegawa, the manufacturer of Tomoe River Paper announced that it will stop producing two of its series. This Japanese product has been much coveted by fountain pen users for bringing out beautiful ink properties while sporting a thin profile.

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